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Caravan 02:40
Caravan Whatever it takes I will guide you through pot holes and rutted roads if I have to push you I will through steep incline and sharp decline abandoned hopes and broken hearts Whatever it takes I will be with you through steaming swamps and fields of mud if I have to pull you I will through quicksand times and broken signs angry bruises and scarring skin Whatever it takes I will love you through cracked deserts and brittle roads if I have to be there I will through frozen grounds and sobbing sounds brooks streams and shattered dreams Whatever it takes Charles Antony
Fearing the Rainbow Everyone knew her as the girl the girl who feared rainbows blessed with the second sight she knew when the dark clouds would gather she knew when the storm was coming and she was fine but afterwards as the fingers of the sun pulled apart the clouded curtains she would quake and cast her eyes downwards in her desperation and fear seeking solace alone in her windowless room Even pictures of rainbows would cause her to shake and perspire but not so much as seeing the real thing arcing across the sky perhaps the misted light from waterfalls made her feel the same way but I never had the chance to ask as one day she was flattened by a house falling from the sky after a particularly bizarre storm Now all that remains of the girl the girl who feared rainbows is the pair of ruby slippers that she was wearing at the time but I’m not sure whatever became of them Charles Antony
Going Home 04:13
Going Home He put his hand in his pocket and patted the electronic ignition key to the capsule that would carry him home He felt that he had been marooned on this planet abandoned forgotten for some months now Each night he could see the lights of the mothership orbiting way above the surface of the planet Disappointed with his survival rations he longed for his store of favourite foods that called to him night after night from the mothership He was not alone on the planet but he did not enjoy interacting with the humans and their obsession with eating shepherds pie and stinking fish Their culture was far too primitive for him and he counted down the days to the end of his mission and his return Home Charles Antony
Orpheus (Eurydice’s Lament) O Orpheus the death of me you left me trapped eternally you had the gift but I the pain you left me drowning in the rain O Orpheus I followed you through dark and doubt to be with you you knew the rules but I had none you now lay prostrate in the sun And I forever trail the path of dead and I abandon hope to fear instead and I despair the thought of roaming free O Orpheus the death of me Charles Antony
Change 03:31
Change She used to cover her rainbows first with tears and then with long sleeved blouses and thick woolen tights and he said he would change At night after forcing himself upon her he would lie with his back towards her as she silently sobbed and he said he would change When his loving embrace ended in her tumbling down the stairs cast out like a cartwheeling rag doll he said he would change At night with him in drunken slumber she crept downstairs returning with the sharpest knife smiling for this time it was she who had changed Charles Antony
Pipes 10:14
Pipes The house in the forest now empty now foreboding windows stare unblinking as the trees edge ever closer and the ivy creeps ever higher The Sunday walkers would quicken their step and turn their collars to settle the hairs on their necks when the pipes in the house start to whisper and groan Children would visit for a dare only in daylight hours with the swagger of youth urging them forward but bravado lay crushed when the pipes in the house start to whisper and groan Some say that a witch used to live here and others say that she still does as the pipes in the house start to whisper and groan There are stories wicked stories of tears and screams washed down the drains as the pipes in the house start to whisper and groan Once an angel was seen by a man walking his dog of how the angel went inside and was never seen again as the pipes in the house started to whisper and groan Maybe nothing ever happened here and the house just grew older with abandonment as we all do as neglected pipes will start to whisper and groan Charles Antony
The Silver Dreamers The silver dreamers float eyes shut permanently for they are blind enlightened they can see as far as their minds can reach for it is they who help and guide us for it is they who share our joy and sorrows that we may learn that we may grow in our knowing On Earth the silver dreamers sit eyes vacant permanently for they grow blind enclosed they can see as far as their memories will permit for it is they who stay forgotten for it is they whose loved ones have departed and children have grown that we may learn that we may grow in our knowing Charles Antony
Children of the Mist Behind him he could hear the children singing and dancing in the mist calling his name over and over again Pressing his face to the window father slumped against the mantelpiece silent and numb Mother hunched upon the sofa in a nest of Kleenex constant tremble in her sobbing Snow swirled and flurried and he knew the grieving house still held him close but now outside He longed to play with the children of the mist the children who sang and danced leaving no footprints in the snow Charles Antony
Sunflowers 03:57
Sunflowers Then in my time of darkness my only view of the world was the concrete yard below I would watch the sunflowers rise above the far wall turning their heads to follow the path of the sun I could hear children laughing as they played around the noble plants I never saw them but I knew that while the flowers danced and the children played there was always hope Now I sit in the garden beyond the wall and can see the haunted tower clouded in haze I can see the sunflowers rise above the wall turning their heads to follow the path of the sun the children still laugh as they play around the noble plants and I am glad that I believed that while the flowers dance and the children play there is always hope Charles Antony
Driftwood 01:15
Driftwood In dreams I am lying on the beach washed up as driftwood with the sea lapping at my skin caressing my feet salting my hair and no birds sing I notice you along the beach also washed up as driftwood with the sea lapping at your skin caressing your feet salting your hair and no birds sing Sometimes the mist drifts between us but I sense that you are still lying on the shore as driftwood waiting to be collected for this is where the silence crawls and no birds sing Charles Antony
Bees 03:03
Bees Even bees get lost sometimes distractions can be an adventure the way home can be hidden the way home can be a challenge Looking up at the stars so many colours to explore filling these pollen heavy legs with memories filling these pollen heavy legs with stardust Eventually we all arrive home through adventures and distractions to learn from our collected memories to learn from our collected stardust But even bees get lost sometimes Charles Antony
A Rose in a Teacup Three o’clock was always time for tea he gazed out of the hotel window across the bay as the cups saucers teapot and milk were carefully arranged around the single red rose in the centre of the table A splash of tea had started to bloom on the starched white tablecloth and one of the delicate floral cups was chipped but he did not mind and continued to reminisce seawards as he sipped his tea Eventually he stood up to caress the flower and with a small pair of scissors trimmed the stem with shaking liver-spotted hands carefully placing the rose in the empty teacup opposite He glanced once more out of the window knowing that she would not return today Charles Antony
Mapping the Stars ‘Tis said that every mark and blemish on the human body may be read as signposts tracing our origins back home home to some forgotten part of the universe I explored every part of you treasuring your cluster of freckles in Aquarius and your ancient scar in Libra I mapped every part of you even bought you a telescope to trace your origins back home home to some forgotten part of the universe But when the comet came and all your stars fell to Earth I lost the map and never did find you again Charles Antony
He Lied 05:18
He Lied He lied when he said that he wasn’t bothered about his skin starting to dry and crack He lied when he said that he didn’t care about the creeping green tinge that was covering his body He lied when he said that the negative test results from the hospital meant nothing to him He lied when he said there were no benefits to his lengthening fingers turning to claws He lied when he said that he would call tomorrow as he was having trouble using his phone He lied when he said that it was no fun climbing walls and catching flies He lied when he said that he hated basking on rocks in the sunshine all day Finally he told the truth to the other lizards lounging in the sun that indeed once he was human Charles Antony
The Folding of the Flag The white gloves grip the flag in ceremony and begin the dance of folding in to triangles each fold a belief in freedom and valour each fold a belief in God and eternity like folding sheets on laundry day even though this sheet would never know the warmth of a body for this body lies cold cloaked in mahogany A body denied access to tearful cleansing A body scooped from the roadside and laid out as best they could not suitable for the gaze of wounded eyes no bullet holes no act of the brave under fire this was death by mobile phone Charles Antony
Apples 02:13
Apples Then you promised me an apple to keep the doctor away to give me knowledge improve my wisdom I showed you how to cut the fruit in half to reveal a five pointed star Every day we danced beneath the apple tree devoured the knowledge and grew in wisdom until you plunged the knife into my chest cutting my heart in half to reveal a five pointed star Now I look up at the apples I miss your laughter I miss you as you danced through the garden gate arm in arm with the doctor you left me to treasure the apple tree and my five pointed star Charles Antony


Charles Antony : poetry and voice
Mauro Sambo : electronics, double bass on Caravan
Paulo Chagas : oboe, monochord on Fearing the Rainbow
Rogelio Nobara : pre-hispanic whistle for funeral, field recording and electric guitar on Going Home
Juan Antonio Nieto : electronics on Orpheus (Eurydice’s Lament)
Matthias Boss : violin on Change
Jeff Gburek : no-input mixing board, objects on Pipes
.zigo : field recordings and electronics on The Silver Dreamers
Jose Guillén : piano, sinthesizer and electronics on Children of the Mist
Atilio Doreste : field recordings, radio emission on Sunflowers
A.L. Guillén : field recordings, acoustic guitar on Driftwood
José Soberanes : electronics (modular synth) and field recordings on Bees
PCCL : virtual synthesizers, melodica, acoustic guitar and processed objects on A Rose in a Teacup
Javier Piñango : synthesizer (korg ms-20) and effects on Mapping the Stars
Stefan Schmidt : digital manipulation of the original voice recording on He Lied
Pablo Reche : electronics on The Folding of the Flag
David Vélez : music on Apples



released April 2, 2017
Layout by neta




Plus Timbre Greece

Plus Timbre is a netlabel dedicated to experimental and improvisational music,aiming to foster and promote material in the widest possible variety of relevant musical styles.

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