AMORGOS. To A Green Star

by Anamorph Experimental Music

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Katharia 04:12


Inspired by Nikos Gatsos’ (Amorgos, To A Green Star) a profoundly sensitive and enigmatic poem written during the Nazi occupation of 1943 and named after the island of which the author never visited; I felt the urge to emphasize unique blends of contemporary Greek surrealism, symbolism and tradition - lyrical and erotic, ambiguous and challenging - that reflects a wonderful incantation on the theme of loss and hope.

Ancient Greeks claim Amorgos to be the ‘Land of Love’, where once the Water Oracle had been established and the temple of Aphrodite stood. Other archaic legends connect Amorgos with the island of the enchantress Circe, Aeaea, which Ulysses visited on his way back from the Trojan War.

Upon the hills of Minoa and over the peaks of its wild mountains one can feel the infinite Blue unfold: multi-dimensional, majestic and etheric … a portal that links to the Star of Sirius and a subterranean Network of Light, called Katharia.

The lyrics of ‘Amorgos. To A Green Star’ are taken by the third part of the poem.

Translation by Diana Gilliland Wright, October 2007:

In the yard of the embittered the sun does not rise
Only worms come up to taunt the stars
Only horses spout on ant hills
And the bats eat birds and piss seed

In the yard of the embittered the night does not fade
Only the leaves throw up a river of tears
When the devil slips in to ride the dogs
And the black birds swim in a well of blood

In the yard of the embittered the eye has run dry
The brain has frozen and the heart has turned to stone
The flesh of frogs hangs in the spider’s teeth
The unfed locusts scream at the vampire’s feed

In the yard of the embittered the grass grows dark
Only one evening in may a wind breaks in
A light step like the skipping of the field
A kiss from a white crests of the sea.

Recorded, Played, Edited, Equalized and Mastered by Anamorph Experimental Music, Amorgos / Vienna, 2018-2021. Track 01 and Track 03 was mastered by crazy, Vienna 2021
Instrument(s): H4 Zoom Recorder, Lyra 8, Chimes, Singing Bowls.

Circe’s Spell and Katharia was played live with Anamorph Experimetnal Music and Viviano Wich in Vienna, 2020
Instrument(s): Lo-fi keyboard and Modular synthesizer

Lyrics in Amorgos. To A Green Star by Nikos Gatsos and Anamorph Experimental Music
Voice by Anamorph Experimental Music, Vienna / Austria 2018

Cover Artwork by LDQ Ysimaro
Photographs @ the back of the Cover by Alex Cuitus

Dedicated to Nikos Gatsos, the Star of Sirius, Mikos and the Holographic Library of Katharia

Anamorph Experimental Music
© 2021



released October 10, 2021




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