by TRIon3

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Mauro Bon - el. bass , live electronics
Sandro Carta - trumpet , sound processors
Massimo Croce - samplers


Our musical trilogy is a tribute to the Neanderthals , that 35-40 thousand years ago faced the last period of his earthly existence coexisting with Homo sapiens , before disappearing completely in a relatively short time. The trio was formed with the idea of creating a soundscape able to evoke the life of a prehistoric community , HOMO is a live project group TRIon3 ( Mauro Bon , Sandro Carta and Massimo Croce ) . Divided into three specific moments , afternoon , evening and the next day, these three moments correspond to different sounds , which are characterized by the choice of specific environmental sounds : the forest , the flow of a river, different sounds of insects , conviviality around the fire , the sound of the didgeridoo and resonant stones . The music is assembled/performed not with the intention of describing , but following the basic idea of real music by using actual sounds in order to create music. Electric bass and trumpet interact with these soundscapes creating a kaleidoscopic in constant transformation.

The first two parts of this hypothetical prehistoric day have distinctly ambient sounds , while the last part, waking up the next day, is characterized by a relentless rhythm and by penetrating sounds . This project involves the use of a video made from photographs of Alexander Ruzzier that are shown during the concert. We don't pretend we know the music of that time : the most significant archeological finding is a small flute made of bone ( made from the hip bone of a speleus bear ) found in Divje Babe (SLO) during an excavation in a cave , and it is considered one of the oldest , if not the first , musical instrument built by man.
The possession of a concrete physical evidence of the actual cross breeding between the two species would represent a milestone for scholars , who still do not have that certainty; we like to think that this is definitely the case, and that there are still traces of the neanderthal in our DNA.
The duration of the concert is approximately 40 minutes.



released November 28, 2014





Plus Timbre Greece

Plus Timbre is a netlabel dedicated to experimental and improvisational music,aiming to foster and promote material in the widest possible variety of relevant musical styles.

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