Charles Antony & PCCL - A Rose in a Teacup

from by Charles Antony and The Outsiders



PCCL : virtual synthesizers, melodica, acoustic guitar and processed objects
Charles Antony : poetry and voice


A Rose in a Teacup

Three o’clock
was always time for tea
he gazed out of the hotel window
across the bay
as the cups saucers
teapot and milk
were carefully arranged
around the single red rose
in the centre of the table

A splash of tea
had started to bloom
on the starched white tablecloth
and one of the delicate
floral cups was chipped
but he did not mind
and continued to reminisce seawards
as he sipped his tea

Eventually he stood up
to caress the flower
and with a small pair of scissors
trimmed the stem with shaking
liver-spotted hands
carefully placing the rose
in the empty teacup opposite

He glanced once more out of the window
knowing that she would not return

Charles Antony


from Always Outside, released April 2, 2017




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