Charles Antony & Jose Guillén - Children of the Mist

from Always Outside by Charles Antony and The Outsiders



Jose Guillén : piano, sinthesizer and electronics
Charles Antony : poetry and voice


Children of the Mist

Behind him
he could hear
the children
singing and dancing
in the mist
calling his name
over and over again

Pressing his face
to the window
father slumped against
the mantelpiece
silent and numb

Mother hunched
upon the sofa
in a nest of Kleenex
constant tremble
in her sobbing

Snow swirled and flurried
and he knew
the grieving house
still held him close
but now outside

He longed to play
with the children
of the mist
the children who
sang and danced
leaving no footprints
in the snow

Charles Antony


from Always Outside, released April 2, 2017




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