Charles Antony & Paulo Chagas - Fearing the Rainbow

from by Charles Antony and The Outsiders



Paulo Chagas : oboe, monochord
Charles Antony : poetry and voice


Fearing the Rainbow

Everyone knew her
as the girl
the girl who feared
blessed with the second sight
she knew
when the dark clouds would gather
she knew
when the storm was coming
and she was fine
but afterwards
as the fingers of the sun
pulled apart the clouded curtains
she would quake and cast her eyes
in her desperation and fear
seeking solace alone
in her windowless room

Even pictures of rainbows
would cause her
to shake and perspire
but not so much
as seeing the real thing
arcing across the sky
the misted light from waterfalls
made her feel the same way
but I never had the chance to ask
as one day
she was flattened by a house
falling from the sky
after a particularly
bizarre storm

Now all that remains
of the girl
the girl who feared
is the pair of ruby slippers
that she was wearing at the time
but I’m not sure
whatever became of them

Charles Antony


from Always Outside, released April 2, 2017




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