Charles Antony & Pablo Reche - The Folding of the Flag

from by Charles Antony and The Outsiders



Pablo Reche : electronics
Charles Antony : poetry and voice


The Folding of the Flag

The white gloves
grip the flag
in ceremony
and begin the dance
of folding in to triangles
each fold a belief
in freedom and valour
each fold a belief
in God and eternity
like folding sheets
on laundry day
even though this sheet
would never know
the warmth of a body
for this body lies cold
cloaked in mahogany
A body denied access
to tearful cleansing
A body scooped from
the roadside
and laid out
as best they could
not suitable for the gaze
of wounded eyes
no bullet holes
no act of the brave under fire
this was death by mobile phone

Charles Antony


from Always Outside, released April 2, 2017




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