Charles Antony & A​.​L. Guillén - Driftwood

from by Charles Antony and The Outsiders



A.L. Guillén : field recordings, acoustic guitar
Charles Antony : poetry and voice



In dreams
I am lying on the beach
washed up as driftwood
with the sea lapping
at my skin
caressing my feet
salting my hair
and no birds sing

I notice you
along the beach
also washed up as driftwood
with the sea lapping
at your skin
caressing your feet
salting your hair
and no birds sing

Sometimes the mist
drifts between us
but I sense
that you are still
lying on the shore
as driftwood
waiting to be collected
for this is where the silence crawls
and no birds sing

Charles Antony


from Always Outside, released April 2, 2017




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